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   The Bethany Horsemen, Inc. is a non-profit riding club dedicated to the promotion and preservation of trail riding in Bethany. Our 10 mile trail system includes land owned by the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) and property used by permission from private landowners. 

   The Bethany Horsemen club was created in 1959 when Bethany resident Jacob Podoloff negotiated an arrangement with the New Haven Water Company to use and patrol the trails surrounding Lake Chamberlain.

   The land was later sold to the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) and a new agreement was reached in 1985 that allowed equestrians to continue using these lovely trails.

   This is a very special privilege! Our members must continually demonstrate that riding creates no adverse impact on water quality, and that equestrians can co-exist with use of the trails by other recreation enthusiasts.

   The Bethany Horsemen administer the permit program that allows riding in this area. Applications are processed when trails open after the annual Mud Season (March 1 - April 15). Each member receives a trail map, a list of rules for riding on RWA and private landowner trails, and a colored cattle tag that must be displayed on their saddle at all times. If you wish to enjoy the trails with non-members, Guest Permits may be added to an annual membership. 

   Click on this Membership link to learn more about how you can become a Bethany Horsemen member!

     Send a request to join our Facebook Group (The Bethany Horsemen) to get trail and special events updates.

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