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The Bethany Horsemen offer four categories of membership. 

Memberships are effective from April 15 to March 1 and must be renewed annually to use the riding trails. Hiking permits are separate and must be obtained through the RWA. (


  • Regular: Residents of Bethany

  • Associate: Non-residents of Bethany whose horses are stabled in Bethany. Must be sponsored by a resident voting member.

  • Public Access: Non-residents of Bethany whose horses are not stabled in Bethany. Access is for riding trails on RWA property only.

  • Single Day Event: Persons allowed to ride only on specific properties for which the permit is issued; membership is effective only for the duration of the permit.

The cost of an annual riding permit is as follows:

  • Adult member $75

  • Second adult member in a family residing at same address $40

  • Junior members (under 18) $40

  • Guest permits may be added to an Adult membership for $40 each

  • RWA Public Access permit: $75 for first Adult member, $40 for second member in the same family residing at the same address. Guest passes may be added for $40 each. 

Which Form

Do I Use?

Adult Member Application

Junior Member Application

Public Permit




Questions? Contact us at

We accept check or PayPal for membership fees.

There is a $2 charge for electronic payments. 

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